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Notice anything... Different?

Hey everybody!! I'm so excited to share with you some exciting updates about life and the blog!

First off, thank you for all the support these past few weeks with Piano Man. It has inspired me to make further edits to the story and submit it to a writing contest or two... I will keep you all posted about that.

Secondly, I changed the layout of the site! Do you like it? I do! I think it's very fitting to change it in this transitional time of life.

Speaking of that...

If you follow my twitter than you are well aware of the open letter I posted regarding education and Ontario students losing grants. The governments decision has caused me to reevaluate my "game plan" so to say. I am going to take a break from university and begin working. With this "free time" I plan to invest more time into the blog and use what I've learned in my program to expand. You actually got a taste of part of what I plan to do with thePiano Man Trailer...

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